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Bearpaw Womens Rabbit

Bearpaw Elise rabbit fur boots

Bearpaw boots for women are comfortable and elegant, which makes them one of the best winter boots the women. These skins, pull-on boots standing over a foot high, 14 inches tall. The exterior of the boot is made of rabbit fur and suede (the sole is rubber), while The inside is lined with sheepskin and wool comfort to help keep your feet warm. While your feet will remain well roasted, also look cool in these fashionable leather boots women. These boots tend to fit the actual size, but if you are an average size, you must go to full size next to the best. Bearpaw also makes a matching leather bag again supplementing these boots very well. In general, you can expect the boots to be shipped from Bearpaw in about 2-5 days but be a little more time around the holidays. Leather boots make a great gift for that woman in your life.

Bearpaw Boot Review

The boots are so cute! I have decent sized calves, but I can still get these boots over my calves and meta jeans in them and they look great. The fleece on the inside of the boots is also removable, which allows me to put in a special template, which makes it more comfortable to walk a lot during the day. Also ordered these a size bigger and then use a thick sock and I think they feel very comfortable that way. It is a boot large women's skin and I would recommend if you are looking for a good winter boot with good traction in the snow. The only problem I have is that the skin tends to shed a little after you've had them for a while.

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Mandy has been writing stories and articles from a very young age on any flat surface she could find. She also loves to buy and wear womens fur boots.

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