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Band Mid Heel

Band Mid Heel
My feet .. issues …?

Well every time i specifically sports netball, after the first quater my feet hurt, wrong. orthodics wear runners i have changed twice. I went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with "plantar fasciitis MID – BAND" [heel NO] He built my orthodics more and my feet wrapped in tape for temporary sports better before I get the custom orthodics made. I played basketball today, and my feet were so unbearable pain, worse than ever. I used to be able to play a complete game, only in much pain. Now, I can barely play half a game and that hurt even worse and the pain lasts longer and has spread to the outside. What should I do?

In addition to rest a couple of days I would recommend getting back in touch your podiatrist on Mon to let them know what is going to see what other things I want to do while waiting for your prescription orthotics to come in.

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