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Bamboo Platform Wedge

Bamboo Platform Wedge

Summer Fashion at Your Feet

Flip flops have been favorites for civilizations different from years and years and remain the most popularized sandals used for all people in the world. They are practical and comfortable, this type of shoe has about six thousand years of existence, can still be seen today in different murals, images and even tombstones from ancient Egyptian civilization.

The earliest example of a flip-flop exists in the Britain Museum, made of papyrus and was created around 1500 BC. At first, it is believed that they were made of papyrus and palm fibers. Some had straps that covered the ankle and leg, while others had the classic design that we see today.

In certain regions of Africa were created with leather, in India the wood is used and the plans of Asian rice were the material of choice. Historians confirm that in Mexico the cassava plant used for this creation.

They were nicknamed by the sound slippers that appear to strike at the foot of the wearer. History reveals that the arrival of flip flops to America was the result of the Second World War, when soldiers were brought from Japan as a souvenir for their loved ones and themselves. The first seen, had a single fine and can break easily. In the '50s, American culture North developed new designs with different materials such as rubber, makes them especially famous in the surfing community in California. They were first seen in Hawaii, with the arrival of the surfers and marine soldiers preferred this type of shoe in his spare time. They were easy to make, simple and best of all, economically, the demand for this freak knew was so great that the Japanese were suddenly the main distributors for the flip-flops.

Today, similar to the "little black dress black, "everyone has a pair, and some people have them at all colors. This sandal can be found in bamboo, leather, metal, rubber, cork and even. They are also known as thongs, his signature "Y", the Los Designs vary from classic colors, colorful prints and solids. Some have are adorned with jewels, beads, buckles, tassels and medallions. If at first only had a single plane, today you can find the platform and other support in this type of shoe sole, but perhaps one of its best aspects is that in hot climates flips flops are never in style and can be used all year round. Some brides are ordering their white counterparts to walk comfortably down the aisle on her big day.

You do not have to wait until summer to enjoy the comfort of your new sandals, be adventurous and use them for a day of shopping with friends, or even a date at the movies because they have adapted to their needs, are not flip flop heels and wedges for an elegant occasion and flat sandals for a casual day.

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