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Asics Gel Kayano

Asics Gel Kayano
Where I can buy Asics Gel Kayano XI running shoes?

Any website (money order) would be great, some stores do not seem to have women size 6, so that's what I'm looking for. I live in London, UK.

Your local running store should be able to order the shoe for you. I work for a shop to run and if you were my client, throw wmns size 6 with the orders of our Kayano. If you are seeking distributors can www.asics.com near you. Oh, and the Kayano XII is currently out. Do you want the XI specifically? If so, which are those of www.eastbay.com. They are cheaper than the newer ones. I just checked the site and has its size. I have no idea if the ship to the UK. Good luck.

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