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How the Internet is to help women achieve and maintain top-level positions of management

Having the ability to accept diversity and incorporate changes quickly is a major determining factors for business success today. Changes in the composition of staff and means of carrying out activities everyday business are two key factors to be taken fully into account and addressed by managers at all levels of organization. In particular, more women holding senior management positions, partly due to the proliferation of e-business.

According to an article published in the Journal of Leadership Studies (2000), online businesses are offering a way for more women become senior managers. Because e-business are still fairly new frontier, they are violating many of the "traditional" ways to become general managers or directors of the company. These positions were often delivered under one man to another through family or social networks, the creation of the "glass ceiling" that many women encountered during the 1980s and 90s. However, since the introduction of more egalitarian culture, strongly supported by the e-business, these networks are largely frowned upon and women are encouraged to follow the top-level positions (Klein 2000).

However, the link between women in top management and the Internet appears to be both senses. E-business not only facilitate the integration of women in these positions, but women have done in these senior positions in more "Traditional" companies are leading companies to the Internet.

Ann Moore, chairman and CEO of Time Inc., is a perfect example of a woman that has taken over a very "traditional" male-dominated business and is now spearheading an initiative to make things digital. Not only chair People.com launch, but she is working on a new website that should rival WebMD Health (Business Week 2007). Moore is trying to create a place for Time Inc. prosper in the future to keep up on new technologies and remain competitive without dragging by the company in the process.

Regardless of the circumstances particular, it is necessary for managers to make proactive decisions that enable their companies to adapt to the times, be more women in senior management or increased reliance on technological advances like the Internet.


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About the Author

Rose Rivera is the author of “Business Now – A Generation Y Perspective.” Helping businesses understand the new employee generation.

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