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Anne Klein Black

Anne Klein Black
What shoes to wear with my computer?

I have a sweater and http://www.luckybrand.com/Product.aspx?p=LBX14998&l=00040020000000000000&km=&pn=1 I want to take a black mini skirt and black stockings, but do not know what shoes to wear, I mean that is not large, only for school, but I prefer not just cause I do not wear heels heels often in school only I have no idea what shoes to wear with this team I have one, does not fit into sneakers looking black leather shoes is more or less well http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Anne-Klein-iflex-Casual- shoes Women% 27s-great-but without 11_W0QQitemZ270262764306QQcmdZViewItem black shoelace, but I thought I could be too black … ideas? silver flats?

you need something that has a gray / brown to it. try some conversation or some flat pumps. any else that works 4 you.

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