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Ann Taylor Loft
Ann Taylor Loft help?

So I got a $ 25 card saving my next purchase of $ 50 for use there, but of course I can not find the card that attached to the reception. I still have the receipt but does anyone know if there is anyway to still redeem the card?

Call 1-800-dial-Ann and fib a little and tell them that you did nt get your savings card with a receipt in most cases, we will comply with it onlne or through phone orders. I ust a big order and I mail my savings card and I just called them, let me make a phone request and honor cards. They also told me if you have to use a single line, which will give you a code. I was a former employee at Ann Taylor Loft and I was a really nice employee. I always made sure that each customer was attended. I hate bitches who work in retail and treat their customers like crap! What we try, we are on commission!

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