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Ankle Strap Size

Ankle Strap Size
Are these beautiful shoes? Think about getting them .. Opinions please?

http://www.endless.com/Casadei-Womens-8222-Ankle-Strap/dp/B0012N9WQM/ref=sr_1_7/?cAsin=B0012N83H6&fromPage=search&qid=1243559962780&sr=1-7&asins=B001B5V6QU, B0012NA6O4, B0019SWIC0, B000XKJ8WS, B0012NDXBM, B0019SWOSI, B0012N83H6, B0012N9LQI, B0019T03BC, B001B63ZCW, B000XKP10G, B0012NDUWY, B0012N9YUQ, B001B5V5S4, B0012N65XK, B0019SWP5K, B000QJ0S0W, B000XKKZR0, B000XKNBUI, B000XKOS64, B000XKKU7U, B0016JITQG, B000QJ4PGK, B0012N7XYK, B000XKMK96, B0012N7UH0, B000XNCWZ0, B000XKJCCE, B0012N7YU8, B0012NDUAQ B000XKSDII, B0016JHQX8, B000XKJBHU, B0012N9R80, B000XKLRZ4, B000XKJCM4, B0012NBV7K, B0012NA5SG, B0016JBQ20, B0012N80LU and asinTitle = Casadei 208 222%%%% 20Ankle 20Strap 20Pump and contextTitle 20Results% = Search & page = 1 & size = 40 & department = 241 745 011 241 745 011 & node = & nodes = 241 745 011 & keywords = Casadei & sort = salesrank and OnSale = 1 (I am in my late 20s)

Hey, Nancy not being a "Negative" But if you do not walk in professional, high heels fine needle, I would not go for them. Trust me, I have a lot of experience in the use of different types of high heels and those who do not seem to support you if a beauty plus size, however, if you have the confidence within the small or rock them and seem to just get into a fashion runway in New York, I wish him well and I give props to my heart. =) ~ * ~ * Princess

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