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Ankle Strap Shoes

Ankle Strap Shoes
I'm trying to attach a peacock feather to a ankle strap high heel shoe I can use?

I want the peacock feather hanging from ankle strap and may be withdrawn but not want it to look tacky shoes is expensive … what kind of hardware should I use? I tried to jewelry, but again no sure what will work best …

I could use my hot glue gun confidence. sorry, my bad for not reading the question …. thourouly here's my answer changed. Go to the sewing notions department and find a bit of glue-backed Velcro. Cut a piece large enough to place the pen but small enough to not show the entire pen. Use small scissors to cut to the right size. So if you ever want to remove velcro "tab of your shoes, the adhesive easily lifts off with some orange based cleaner" Goo Gone "or even" glo orange. Good luck

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