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Ankle Strap Platform

Ankle Strap Platform
Do you think I should wear heels with my wedding dress at my wedding?

I really do not know if I should wear flats or heels and my wedding day. Going to be a great day for both of us and I want to look their best. I do not know if I should wear high heels and wear flats. If I had to wear high heels should I use a needle or a pump or perhaps a platform? I've heard people have said that a platform has more support and more comfortable. What type of heels should I buy? I also find a high heel shoe that has an ankle strap? Can someone please help me?

You'll be on your feet a lot throughout the day you will want a pair of comfortable shoes. I suggest you go to a store that sells specilty ballroom dancing shoes and find a medium heel, for example 2-4. dance shoes are much more comfortable than the typical wedding shoes that are not very comfortable. Try a few different dance shoes and if you find a pair you like purchase, even if they are not the right color. You can get shoes dyed white or any color you want. I suppose that your dress will be sufficient to cover their feet you do not have to worry about them is that fantasy, but if not you may have luck finding a pair with some extra pazaaz. dance shoes can be quite expensive, but with the price of everything else is a relatively inexpensive item. Also, you do not want blisters to your honeymoon!

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