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Women's shoes – Why is never enough?

All conversations on equality between men and women come to an end when it comes to shoes women. There seems to be a kind of intrinsic magnetic attraction between women and shoes. It is perhaps the reason why most women find a pulse irresistible to buy that pair of sexy shoes in the display regardless of price, the consequences or take with them equipment. The urge to buy trendy shoes is so strong in women, which many do not even care if they need shoes or not, and you are in your budget. They simply find comfort in the ultimate purchase most fashionable and trendy pair of shoes in town!

"I see a pair of shoes I adore, and no matter if they have them in my size. I buy them anyway, "the Hollywood actress Keira Knightley once said.

Introduction to Women shoes
Women's shoes have progressed way is purely practical and protective coatings for the feet of creative and artistic interpretations of the fashions, cultures and styles. the shoes of a woman also denote the class he belongs, his attitude, his mood for the day and in a very subtle sexual messages they convey to members of the opposite sex.

With so much emphasis on shoes and an intense bond between a woman and her heels, is only expected to pass any store without being scanned or any web sites are left without being dragged by the majority of women with the same goal and even tacit buy the most fashionable and perfect for shoes or high heels possible.

How fashionable shoes for women / style has changed over the years:
The shoes were first made dates back to 40,000 years ago according to historians. Of course you can safely assume that is unlike anything in their heels on the street I saw you last week, but were the shoes, however. 40 000 years ago, shoes were only a means of protection for the feet and were fully implemented. In the Middle Ages, the appearance and feeling better shoes (according to our perception of what seems good shoes), and more carefully made and designed for foot comfort. The technological advances of the 20th century led to the development of best shoes in general and women's shoes more aesthetic, in particular. A mixture of cultures and a global trend of styles and designs began to share what led to the emergence of fashion footwear and footwear industry.

One important reason the change in style of shoes for women over the years is the gradual transformation in the purpose of wearing shoes. The changes in the social, cultural and economic society and civilization has led to constant change in the purpose of being right with little tire protection, functionality and practicality to the mix style and sensitivity, the declaration of style, sex appeal and just Shock Value as shown in the shoes of celebrity women today.

Type women shoes:
There are a huge variety of extremely beautiful women shoes today. Of all the types of women's shoes, title = "heels"> heels justly be called the style, sensational and most popular type title = "women shoes"> women's shoes. With a heel height ranging from 2 inches to a whopping 8-inch heels are considered the last the sex appeal when it comes to women's shoes. Due to the popularity of high heels, shoe designers have created several types of heels and stilettos as daggers, wedge heels, stacked heels and low heels, kitten heels etc. The other popular types of women's shoes are sandals, mules, ankle boots, fetish boots thigh high, backless mules, boots style sports shoes, ankle strap shoes, pumps, etc.

The types of shoes for women also can be categorized according to the purpose of the shoes. For example, you can buy smart, dress shoes for a party, more robust and stable work shoes, dancing shoes, platform shoes, boots, sports shoes unisex, comfortable orthopedic shoes and slippers for those cold mornings.

Why why women love to buy shoes?
Women's shoes have many sexual connotations. When buying a new pair of shoes, women secretly desire to capture the attention of the opposite sex or at least look better than the girl at his side (although few admit it). Since variety is the spice of life, a great way to keep kids in their finger tips is to make sure you leave in the arrest of display, extravagant heels every time you leave the house.

Unlike clothing, women can buy any shoes that your heart desires, but they may feel overweight, too skinny, ugly, shoes etc are not giving women a complex fashion as some do. They never make you become high or low. A beautiful pair of shoes are always likely to compliment a woman. Moreover, the pair of woman has the ability to feel sexy, elegant and beautiful.

With the constant changes in society and the overall progress of social rights

Women have taken a far more authoritarian, dogmatic and the same position as before. With the state and equity, women have found a new power that pushes them to be different, to be the best they can. Because of this, they want shoes that best fits the type of clothing and everything, and if they attend. Furthermore, not at all want to look worldly using the same shoes all the time and do not want their shoes to represent his attitude and power.

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The author Mrunal, is professionally a webmaster. But, because of his interest in fashion and new styles he was written many articles on Womens shoes, thigh high heels and sexy stilettos.

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