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Ankle Double Platform

Ankle Double Platform
Boots how are you?

I want some like these that are less than a heel or no heel! Http: / / www.lingeriediva.com/Catalog/Ankle-Boots/4-1-2-Lace-Up-Ankle-Boot-W-Double-Buckle http://www.lingeriediva.com/Catalog/Ankle-Boots/5-3-4-Buckle-Up-Platform-Ankle-Boot-Side-Zip http://www.lingeriediva.com/Catalog/Mid-Platform / 6 "Lace-Up-pump-WD-Ring Lace-Ribbon- http://www.lingeriediva.com/Catalog/Single-Sole-Mid-Heel/4-1-2-Stiletto-Heel-Ankle-Wrap- 1-4 Mini-Platform-http http://www.lingeriediva .com/Catalog/Single-Sole-Mid-Heel/4-1-4-Stiletto-Heel-Mini-Platform-Pump-W-Bow Sandals: / / www.lingeriediva.com/Catalog/Single-Sole-Mid-Heel/4-3-4-Stiletto-Heel-W-Rhinestones-T-Strap-Mini-Platform-Sandal Can you give me links some like this but Arnt you a heel or both heels right?

I have two words for you ….. HELL NO! What do you think, unless some kind of stripper or even the viscosity. I suggest any of these …..

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