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How to wear jeans boyfriend

Chances are if you're reading this article, you take the way of seeing and the clothes too seriously. It is possible that even in the latest trends and ready to take the world by storm! But sometimes, there is a trend that simply do not get or know how to put together without looking a bit silly. This is especially true for boyfriend jeans, which have become very popular during the last season or two. If you want to look their best – sexy and funny – Cowboys groom are the way forward, but you have to do it right. Here's how.

What are the jeans Boyfriend?

First, what are boyfriend jeans? Yes, they are everywhere, but are actually a pair of jeans that pass her boyfriend or husband drawer? The simple answer is no. jeans men are cut differently so that women wear jeans your man can make a little strange if not fitted properly. The jeans are intended to be loose and rolled at the ankles while fitting through the hips and thighs. Choose straight leg cut – do not use cut or boot men flared jeans for this.

Using boyfriend jeans

As mentioned, boyfriend jeans are destined to be shot ankle. The cuff should be just above the ankle, foot flexing its women. If you are on the smaller side, make sure that even the sleeves looked for jeans with a smaller roll. The look is intended to sit low on the hips, thus jeans "boyfriend" angle, so it works if it is curved or straight.

What to wear with jeans boyfriend

Boyfriend jeans are meant to be casual and feminine. The question is not looking male. You'll want to wear jeans boyfriend with slim-fitting tops, girly shoes and other accessories for women. ballet slippers, detailed and thick gladiator heels tend to work better with jeans boyfriend.

You should avoid male parts, such as cotton flannel, button-down shirts and ties. This could make it look like a man. If you need to incorporate other male parts, make sure you wear high heels, throw a pair of thick bracelets or cinch the waist with a belt.

Now go out and use them!

Just remember that when you put a suit and dating with jeans in the focus, simple. Because the jeans are going to be loose, you want to achieve a balance by adjusting tops, shoes delicate and women's jewelry, but do not go overboard. Only one piece here and there and it looks good!

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