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All Star Chuck

All Star Chuck
What color Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi-Tops will do better with my computer?

What color converse hi-tops look good with my computer? K, this is basically what I wear every day, (emo / punk clothing)::: Spike / wrist pin / sweat shirt, tight jeans blue band Black band, and one of the boys and girls with pink and blue shirt in it:) (often to small / tight) Thin rimmed glasses brown black / pink short black spikey hair n / Black checkered stud belt band AFI boys and girls of the chain pin holding my jeans and what color converse hi-tops go well with my computer? here are the options: black / white, red / white blue / white im guessing red / white, it will cause to perform all the black, I do not know, tell me please, thanks! by the way, my legs r skinny enuf for hi-tops, im really skinny for my age (13, 7th grade, lol) and theres a pict of me in my own bands myspace heres the link, I'm the one on the right (in the gray shirt) link: http://www.myspace.com/thenextstep08 ME AND DONT criticize my size!

definitely red and white! cloours both classic and multifunctional black!

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