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Air Max Breathe
Is it safer to health than regular use of A / C or air recirculation (MAX A / C) during the journey?

It is inevitable that some pregnate automobile exhaust pollution inside the car no matter the conditions, he admitted, but runs on recirculation, would not that cause you can breathe the same air, stagnant .. again and again and again …? Or is there some mechanism for this? If you switched to regular A / C, although part of the incoming air, no doubt, be contaminated, will not be getting enough fresh air to your lungs and therefore avoid any cell damage or bioaccumulation occurs in a part of automobile exhaust emissions? Are there any essential difference at all, and both options are equally safe (and dangerous?) My vehicle is a Ford Ranger 2007, if applicable.

If you drive in stop-and-go traffic, you're getting a lot of carbon monoxide No matter if the vents are open or closed. The major problem is particulates. Your Ranger has a filter in the cabin air intake: http://www.thepartsbin.com/guides/ford/ranger/air_filter.html so make sure you change regularly. Moreover, even with the filter if you are standing or driving behind a diesel thing, in my opinion is a good idea to close the outside air flow. Diesel exhaust contains some nasty things, I personally do not trust the air filter to remove the cabin. Without But I admit that turning off the ventilation around diesel, probably does little to minimize my exposure to the particles while driving. Unfortunately, nothing happens, you can do to improve air quality in your car, and did not drive:% 20report% 20pollution http://www.icta.org/doc/In-car. pdf

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