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Mary Janes Size

May 31st, 2009 No comments

Mary Janes Size
Shola TopShop Mary Jane Shoes Size 6 and 7 – Where I can buy a pair?

Hello is there anyone out there can help me find a pair of these shoes Shola Topshop Mary Jane in a size 6 or 7, preferably in bright red, green or coral? Your help would be greatly appreciated: o) I have tried online topshop and a lot of my local Topshop stores, but to no avail available so if you feel you can help please post. Thanx: o) And I know that all those beautiful ladies out there know how I feel – is there an outlet or second minor Topshop store may be able to help? Or any kind and wonderful store employees superior?? Oh god I just checked eBay and the prices range from silly !!!!! Thanks for your help though. I am currently a dental student at the University and can not really afford to pay more than necessary to keep searching. Thanks soooooooooo much though xx

On ebay they have the green in a size 7 and size red 6