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Leather Loafer Womens

December 31st, 2008 No comments

Leather Loafer Womens
Need advice Shoes (MENS)?

Before reading, please note that I am a man, do not use women's views on this subject. Formal Wear: I have no good times. I have a pair of black, but they suck. Firstly, I have a lot of money so i need something now. If I were to have a pair of shoes to go with a black coat dress can be worn, what would you recommend? I was thinking of black leather lace up? What brown shoes? But I have only a black suit … Casual Wear: I get a white / green pair of Lacoste Carnabys. And as another pair, I look at the John Varvatos slipons chat? Or something more? Should I stay away from sneakers, casual?? How about a pair of loafers in brown or black? Moccasins? Algo (s) that can go with jeans, and / or pants?

You should always have a pair of formal black. Brown shoes do not look to good in a black suit. casual clothes = no> theses days will always and if not too distinctive and comfortable. Remember comfort is important. My advice you should take some tips from the ladies too. They buy more, so they know where to find bargains (my wife always seem to know when the sale is on) and know what looks good on a man.