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Buckle Straps Slender

August 30th, 2008 No comments

Buckle Straps Slender
Advice?? Please! A small child rises from the car seat by himself.?

I tried loosening and tightening the straps until they are so tight that I have a hard time buckling them. Nothing works. I never had this problem with my other three boys. He's in a car seat has a buckle at the crotch and a buckle of pressure in the chest / arms. The seat is a couple of years old. No matter what I do, it lowers the pressure buckle down toward the bottom buckle (sometimes only 1-2 inches) and then slips his arms around her shoulders. It is only supported by the bottom buckle. Then links himself out of the lower band. He is 2 and a half, and very thin and strong. I change the name Houdini. Any suggestions on how to keep it? Can be obtained your shoulders free in about a mile and a half. The buckles / snaps always remain closed.

You may want to try to buy a belt cover. They are meant to check the seat belt strap and protect the band, digging or rubbing the child's neck. But I wonder if you can put LOW covers the buckle / brooch on the chest / arms. The cover prevents him from being able to push the pressure buckle down, because it would be on the road. Just a thought, expected, work! Here is a picture of the type of seat belt cover I'm talking about. Just put under the armpit area buckle. I selling something similar at Walmart in the baby section. Http: / /

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