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White Platforms Shoes

January 31st, 2008 No comments

White Platforms Shoes
I'm not looking to get beaten here and I know that this is not really a question, but do not you think good will of pric

it can be a little ridiculous? I found what I try Obviously they used brown w / white platform shoes made by Lei band which is not expensive to start and marked $ 35 at the bottom what they have lost a sale. Another thing is his corduroy trousers were J crew were $ 12.99 each. What I am trying, simply because its brand name dosn't mean you should charge a lot for something used and even better, the material was donated to who the hell we think they are? Also employees are a bit rude and when there is no label and I bring it to them, I'm like, "Can you tell me how much this is" not like your i know, hmmm …. How about $ 6.99 just drives me crazy anyone agree?

Yes, it's crazy, I found the cost was not adjusted against or customers. Be employees go through the points and keep the "best" for themselves or sell them at yard sales personal. Unfortunately there thinking I used to buy he was helping the less fortunate, but can not find how or where my local goodwill to help the less fortunate. Be careful with this and look around I have found two thrift stores from others in my county to help with bills / rent / food and other items with proof of a real need.